Albacore Tuna

tuna is caught from June to late fall with the peak commercial fishery
occurring in September. Canned, smoked and frozen at sea tuna are
available year round. more …

Dungeness Crab

Availability: Dungeness crab is harvested in Canada in all months. Most landings however occur from May to October.
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Pacific Halibut

Fresh halibut is available throughout the commercial fishing season
which takes place from the middle of March to the middle of November.
Frozen halibut is available year round. more …


Availability: Fresh, frozen and smoked sablefish is available year round.
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Salmon – Spring (Chinook)

There is a limited availability of commercially caught spring. However,
if run sizes permit, fresh wild spring may be available from small
winter fisheries in the periods from September through November and
January through May. more …

Salmon – Coho

A ban on commercial fishing of coho, in place since 1998, has allowed
stocks to rebuild to the point that a limited commercial fishery is
again allowed in some areas. more …

Salmon – Sockeye

Generally, sockeye is available fresh from June to the end of August;
frozen from September to May, and; canned or smoked throughout the
year. more …

Spot Prawns

Fresh and live prawns are available during the harvest season which
usually starts in May and lasts approximately 80 days. Frozen prawns
are available year round. more …