Ok:  Who HASN’T told you about their FAVORITE sushi place around town.  Pretty much everyone you know has a go-to spot that is ABSOLUTELY the best.  No question.

Some people want great quality, therefore are willing to spend a bit extra.  A lot of us like the sit-and-go 18 pcs + miso for $5.95 lunch.  I’ve had a lot of those specials, and find them to be satisfying, but standard across the board.  Rarely do the two worlds mesh.

Hold up.  A shockingly inexpensive, carefully prepared sushi tray you need both hands to hold doesn’t exist only in a vacuum or alternate universe.  It just takes forever to get it once you know where to go (you know what they say about 2 out of 3).

Sushi Town (5935 Hastings St., Burnaby) a “best kept secrets” selection in the “word’s already out” class meets all the requisite sushi qualifications in a big way.  Some of the specials:

Tuna or Salmon Sashimi (9 big pcs) = $7.95

Alaska Roll (6pcs) + 2 Salmon, 1 Ebi, 1 Tuna Nigiri = $7.75

Cali 1/2 Roll + Dynamite Roll + Tuna Roll + Salmon Roll = $7.95

Now if the prices don’t shock you, the portions will.  Sushi Town offers some of the largest pieces of sashimi and sushi around, and the roll presentations are fantastic to boot.  Combo B ($23.95, 46 pcs) could either feed a family of 6 or me.  The atmosphere is very tasteful (albeit a bit crowded) and you’re guaranteed to never leave hungry for more.

Tip:  Peak hours are just that: you’ll feel like you’re climbing to the top of a very skinny, crowded mountain with only your fellow patrons as fall protection.  It’s very busy most of the time, and don’t be surprised if you find yourself being a bit proactive to snag a server.  If you set aside enough time, and don’t mind sitting close to your neighbour (think 99 B Line at 8am on a Monday) then Sushi Town is a must try (you only need to go once every two days because what you don’t finish will be lunch for tomorrow).