Is there such a thing as girl food and guy food?

March 26, 2009

Some will say women have more refined taste than men, that the male palate is much easier to satisfy.  Women have a reputation for being more discriminate with what they eat, choosing healthier options, while men shun the starch-vegetable-protein formula in favour of meat-meat-meat.

Suffice it to say, generalities abound with this topic.

I think as a male diner I can chime in on this topic.  I consider eating out to be a special occassion, so I’m more likely to eat less healthy than if I were having a meal at home.  Apparently, women remain much more dedicated regardless of the situation.  I think everyone’s starting to embrace healthier lifestyles, but I don’t think your average guy will turn down the surf ‘n turf in favour of the baked tilapia with asparagus, no matter how well it’s prepared.

Here’s an article from the Boston Globe which weighs in on this very issue.


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