The Next Google? No, Twitter is way More Important than That

March 17, 2009

You may have heard about people “tweeting” or using Twitter. You may have even tried to understand it. This important phenomenon is not that difficult to grasp. Let me help explain it to you in plain English.

For those of you who don’t know, Twitter is a micro-blogging platform where everyday millions of people answer this simple question: “What are you doing right now?”

Why is this important? Because you might be doing/reading/learning something that someone else wants to know, and someone might be doing/reading/learning something you want to know. It’s a search engine created by people. And it’s a big attention-getter.

Many people think Twitter will replace Google as the next big search engine. Since Google is 2nd most important thing in the universe behind water, you might want to stick around and read this.

Twitter is micro-blogging, or sending out short snippets of information to a group, and receiving short snippets in return. If done correctly, Twitter serves as a virtual soapbox of sorts, where you can say to your network, “Here I am! Your attention please! I’ve got something interesting to report. It is a great way to exchange information.

I should note: The site imposes a 140 character limit for posting so you don’t get the urge to write War and Peace. You might think 140 characters is not nearly enough space, but the limit is there for your own good.

One important rule of thumb for Twitter is to keep your posts short, sweet and interesting. If Twitter becomes “What are you eating right now,” nobody is going to care about what your posts.

Establish yourself as a legitimate source of information, and people start “following you,” or receiving your posts in their “inbox.” As people come to rely on you for humour, information, etc…you’ll receive more attention.

Why is this important? Well, because people like attention. If you’re a business with a good or service to promote, it’s even better.

Say a breakfast cereal company wants more people exposed to their products and more website traffic. They use Twitter to send out great coupons or discounts. CLICK HERE FOR 2 FOR 1 RAISIN BRAN COUPON. People love a good deal, so there’s a great chance that you could become really popular. When friends of friends of friends pass this information along, word will travel fast.

Since you only have 140 characters to work with (the size of this sentence), you link back to your site where people can redeem your offers. And you can be creative with how you earn your traffic. You could stage a gimmick, advertise a charity effort, or produce a funny video. The goal is to stay visible, and build relationships with your followers.

This might be difficult to manage, you say. It’s not.

Here’s how you send out information to all your networks in 3 minutes, AND find out how much attention is being drawn to your tweets.

1. Go to and get a custom link.
2. Go to and post my Tweet with your BudURL link.
3. Later on, go back to and see how many people clicked on the link.

There are a couple of things you need to know about these websites to make this process work. First, when you create your account, you will need to enter your login info for all the social networking sites you want to update. This will take 20 to 30 minutes, but it’s a great investment in the long-run. Second, to get the click data, you will need to pay $4 a month. Fortunately, you can take advantage of their trial offer if you want to check it out for a while first.

Not only will this process tell you what people are interested in, it also makes you a more effective communicator. Sure, you have to be concise to fit an idea and link in 140 characters or less. But it also gives you the opportunity to be creative, set up some suspense, and make people absolutely HAVE TO click on the link.

Again, this process takes about 30 minutes to set up and costs $4 a month, but it will prove to be well worth it! You can be sure your tweets will reach a wider audience and the value of this will reach far beyond the realm of Twitter.


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