Promote your Expertise

March 9, 2009

The internet has afforded people the luxury of having a voice, and what better way to use that platform than to share your expertise with the world for the benefit of your readers and business.  Writing and posting articles on blogs, social media sites and other professional outlets is a lot cheaper and more detailed than saying what you or your business does in a 3-line newspaper or Yellow Pages advertisement.

Use any opportunity you can to promote your knowledge to the people who will respond to it the most.  Supplement your services by offering tips, strategies, and other jewels of wisdom you’ve learned and allow others to benefit from your insight and experience.  This can be done on your website, through a blog, or via collaborative efforts with colleagues.

Newsletters are a great way to disseminate this information, so don’t be shy about sharing a little insight with your loyal fan base.  It’s a great marketing technique – possibly the most effective bang for your buck.  Speaking of bucks, maybe if you give away your famous carrot cake recipe, your lawyer and accountant may return the favour.


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