Yes, UBC does have a farm!

March 5, 2009

Of course, we all appreciate Vancouver city planners for incorporating tasteful green spaces admist the urban metropolis. But a 24 hectacre farm a mere 10 minute walk from the UBC Campus? People think I’m kidding when I tell them of this student-driven, community-minded gem situated a few miles from the main campus.

The Farm is a student-driven initiative where students,
faculty, staff, and the local community have been working together to
create a place where anyone can come to learn, live and value the
connection between land, food and community. The ultimate goal of the farm is to retain and
re-create existing farm and forest lands at the
University of British Columbia into an internationally
significant centre for sustainable agriculture, forestry
and food systems.

The UBC Farm represents a methodology which is important to focus on as we transition towards a more quality and local approach to our food. Walking around the farm, seeing the children’s garden and watching the dedicated volunteers operating the greenhouses and garden plots, it really imposes a strong message about what a community of individuals operating towards a common goal can accomplish.


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