Team B.C. at World Culinary Olympics

March 5, 2009

Greetings everyone!  Just a reminder to have Team B.C. in your thoughts
as the British Columbia Culinary Arts Foundation sends them to Erfurt,
Germany from October
19-23 to take part in the International Exhibition of Culinary Arts cooking

Otherwise known as “the Culinary Olympics,” and held every four years, this
event attracts leading chefs from all over the world to battle in a number of
culinary skill competitions.  Over 50
teams, representing almost every continent, will vie for gold medal supremacy
in the cooking world.  This year’s roster
lines up like this:

Manager:  Jane Ruddick (J.R. Food

Team Captain:  Poyan Danesh (The Pear
Tree Restaurant)

Team Pastry Chef:  Fumiko Moreton (Terminal
City Club)

Other Members: Raman Anand (The Sutton Place Hotel), Ryan Cain (The Marriot Place Hotel), and Andrew Dickenson (Ambrosia Catering and Events Centre.)

Good Luck!


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