Burgoo Fills up Main St. with it’s Hearty Fare

March 5, 2009

I recently made my first trip to Burgoo (3096 Main St.) and left feeling the way everyone loves to feel after dining out for an evening: full and still with a few spare bills in my wallet.  This visit convinced me that, pound for pound, few restaurants can offer up the same hearty portions, great prices and friendly atmosphere for which Burgoo has become so well known.

But let me tell you…my experience is based on appetizers alone.  I’ve yet to sample an entrée, but if they’re anything like my appetizers, I may need to skip them next time and go straight to the main course.

Burgoo is at the former site of a laundromat and, more recently, a Subway Restaurant.  Outside, the patio is perfect for casual summer drinks and dining, with an attractive wood and stone exterior and a neon sign.

Inside, the dark, rich, Tudor-trimmed interior evokes images of working-class England and Ireland, with stonework and tile creating a more elegant balance that perfectly reflects the upscale, flavourful pub food served at this budding establishment.

My visit here was brief, so I was only able to sample the Burgoo Biscuits ($4.99) and BC Pacific Chowder.  What I didn’t realize was how satisfied I could be from such a seemingly innocent snack!

The biscuits were soft, moist and perfectly infused with parsley and cheddar cheese.  For someone who spent two years in the gravy-and-biscuits-rich southern United States, I didn’t think I could find such a worthy offering so far from my old home.

I did manage to save two of the four of my biscuits for my BC Pacific Chowder ($8.00), which was a rich and flavourful portion with satisfying chunks of smoked salmon and potatoes folded perfectly into a fishy-but-not-too-fishy thick broth.  The staff was friendly and accommodating, adding yet another highlight to the first-class experience.


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