Al Dente! Industry Blender’s December Newsletter

March 5, 2009

Holiday Greetings from Industry Blender.

We’re excited to announce that Industry Blender, Vancouver’s premiere food and beverage business network, is approaching 200 members and growing fast! At the recent BC Hospitality Show at Canada Place, we spoke with a number of you about the importance of networking and technology for the 21st century business owner, and many of you seem ready to embrace this powerful revolution. We’re working hard to improve our member’s experience, and have many new tools in development which will make 2009 the year businesses take full control of their destinies. This month’s newsletter is filled with tips and valuable information to help ease this necessary transition. We hope you’ll have a better idea of what we offer and just how important it is to be equipped for the changes to come in the future.

Equipping Your Business: Leasing and Renting

Part 1 of our series helps you decide on equipment acquisition options in a period of economic and environmental uncertainty (read the whole article).

Build an Online Presence

The internet is a necessary part of your business.  Don’t leave your reputation to chance… (read the whole article).

Are you prepared to save Jaws from Extinction? – A Lauren Mote Exclusive

Poivremedia’s Lauren Mote sinks her teeth into the Ocean Wise initiative, lending her unique voice (with a peppering of humour) to the topic of ocean sustainability and what you can do to help…This crisis may run deeper than you think. (read the whole article).

Internet Now Being Groomed for Business

Part 1 of a 5 Part Series for business success in the 21st Century Information Age. Between the 15th Century invention of the printing press and the personal computer revolution of the 1990s, we were, for the most part, a print culture. Crusades, expeditions, missions, art and even wars circulated information throughout the known world. The written word was our primary concrete resource for preserving knowledge. And then the internet arrived…(read the whole article).

With Social Media, Follow The 5 Rules of Engagement

Part 3 of our 5 part series focuses on the importance of social media in the 21st century business landscape. engagement is a very important word in today’s media landscape. Studies show that people choose a product based on its personalized or “engagement” feel, which means that businesses must establish a rapport with customers if they wish to be successful… (read the whole article).

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