A word to the Wise…

March 5, 2009

Running a successful business, especially a restaurant, is all about consistency.  It helps you learn from your past to make improvements for the future.  It’s a fantastic indicator of success.

In theory.

Consistency makes trends and patterns more clear.  It gives your customers something to go on when they choose your business.  It allows for successful branding campaigns to happen.  But if consistency is your hero, the story tells us there must be a Joker lurking in the shadows awaiting an opportunity to strike.  

Sorry folks, but this time is no different.  WARNING:  If you’re at all squeamish, the divulgence of your number one nemesis may make you ill.  Please have a warm compress on hand before continuing.  Here it is…


It’s a precarious little bugger, volatility.  It catches you off guard, holds you hostage, and disturbs the precious stability you work endlessly to attain.  As your jumping through hoops trying to run a successful business, volatility is there to douse them in gasoline and light a match.
In fact, the only consistency we can expect, ironically, is that there will never be any at all.  We learn in physics that 100% efficiency is impossible because of friction.  But if you pick your spots right and invest your resources wisely, you’ll be put in the best possible position to succeed.


One Response to “A word to the Wise…”

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