Tim Horton’s not “green” enough: news report

March 4, 2009

Ok not really a supplier, but an interesting topic for suppliers, especially those who manufacture disposable products for restaurants and coffee chains.

I was watching the National this evening and they did a piece on Tim Hortons and how the city of Toronto is calling on them to provide more Earth-friendly coffee cups.

The iconic chain, which serves millions of cups of coffee each week, has been asked by the city of Toronto’s public works department to provide cups the city can recycle on a mass scale.

But Tim Hortons says that their cups are as green as they’re going to get.  They say they’re better than average, but that hasn’t placated the city’s demand.  They want the company to improve their green initiatives, saying their influence will set a healthy precedent across the industry.

I think that there should be some kind of regulation standardizing disposable products, and that they should be held to an independent standard set by some credible governing body.  But it’s easier for Tim Hortons with their resources than smaller companies, but I think an initiative needs to be set into motion.

In the mean time, I’ll still drink their coffee, but I’ll bring my own mug.  If you have a cup from TH’s every weekday, and replace a disposable cup with a travel mug, imagine how many resources we could save!


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