Spud Local and Organic Delivery and our Food Future!

March 4, 2009

With high fuel costs, an unsteady global economy and food security issues on everyone’s mind, community is going to be a primary means for humans to continue to thrive in our changing world. Gone are the days of cheap transport, and it seems as though global food corporations who deliver us chemical-laden foods from half-way across the world are on their way out, too. These multinationals look to make high profits at the expense of 3rd world farmers; all so we can have a really cheap banana in the morning.

The reality is, we can no longer go down this path as it is destructive to our economy and, potentially and more importantly, to our health. Community empowerment and support of local farmers and markets is a much more productive way to do business in a world that is so big, it must break off into smaller groups to be successful.

In a progressive and socially conscious area such as BC, many local businesses exist not only on their own, but as part of community networks where everyone can succeed. No business better exemplifies the potential of this model than Spud! Organic Delivery Service.

Spud! has a presence in a few major cities in the US and Canada, and their local model is gaining more traction and exposure all the time! Spud forges relationships with local farmers, food artisans and shops to provide its customers with the freshest, safest and most responsible food available. This model helps the community get in touch with where their food comes from, an important step in realizing the importance of small-scale agriculture and reliance on local products for the benefit of everyone in the community.

Spud! offers produce that is “certified organic, and free of chemicals and pesticides. More than 50% of our groceries are also certified organic. The rest are more than fine, too. No nasty surprises. We read the labels so you don’t have to.” They acquire food from local sources (as much as they can) and have a fleet of delivery trucks that operate on an area-specific schedule. They say that one truck each delivery day will replace a whole supermarket full of parking lots, and they’re probably right!

Safe food, locally produced, and a reduced carbon footprint. AND you don’t even have to leave your home as they will come to you! A wonderful example of how a network of individuals can come together for the benefit of everyone. Hmmm…sounds a little bit like Industry Blender to me ;o)

For more information, please visit https://www.spud.ca


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