Local Flavours, Green Table Network

March 4, 2009

Choose a Green Table member when you dine out, take-out or order-in for deliciously local fare.

Efforts to reduce their environmental ‘footprint’ include a measurable commitment to serve more meats, seafood, produce, baked goods and dairy products from sustainable sources.

To support this, we’re helping restaurants get more of what they need and use most often. In collaboration with growers, distributors and other partners, such as local farmers’ markets and Local Food First, Green Table Network is bringing more local, organic and sustainably harvested products to the dining table.

tomato FX3
These sustainable purchasing choices go a long way to lessen the environmental and social impacts of the global transportation of food. But, perhaps more importantly, encouraging a more localized food economy can provide stable support for B.C. farmers and producers, preserve increasingly valuable farmland and stimulate economic opportunities in communities around the province.

Even closer to home, Green Table members can also participate in emerging urban agriculture initiatives, creating opportunities for gardeners from all walks of life to produce and share in healthy, fresh food grown right down the street or up on the roof.


One Response to “Local Flavours, Green Table Network”

  1. Great Post. I’d love to learn more about Green Table Network/feature an article about your organization on my website.

    To see what I’m all about, please visit http://www.grassrootsgourmet.net

    Great post!

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