Wild mushroom and seaweed

February 28, 2009

Wild mushroom and seaweed harvesting season is on the way….

With excitement and anticipation, the British Columbia based Lesosky family, braces itself for the rigors of harvesting the wild, where harsh weather conditions, difficult terrains, ravenous insects, snakes and the occasional avoidance of bears are the norm.

Louis Lesosky, patriarch of the family business, and Wild Products Network takes pride in the fact that the wild mushrooms he and his sons, Sequoia and Jay, gather are of the highest quality. Taught by his father, and picking since the age of 5 in Northern Manitoba, Louis has learned a thing or two about the craft, and has definite ideas about what sets his products and pickers apart.

“Clean mushrooms, free of dirt, molds, and parasites. That’s how you know you’re dealing with good pickers and have premium mushrooms.

Mushrooms are seasonal and precious, and one season is different from the next. They have to be treated with respect. The Chef’s we deal with are just thrilled that their cooks don’t have to spend all that time cleaning our product,” says Louis.

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