To ensure the freshest ingredients, support the Edible Garden Project!

February 28, 2009

The Edible Garden Project, by way of an extensive community consultation process,  has identified food security as a key priority area. Adequate access to fresh fruit and vegetables is a cornerstone to good health, but is beyond the reach of many low income community members.

The mission of the project is to create a network of communities where locally grown food is collected and distributed to organizations that provide food to low income families and individuals. The EGP strives to create a network between homeowners with gardens who want to donate a portion of their harvest, people who have under or un-used garden space and would like to cultivate this land for growing food, and volunteers who want to contribute to the growing, sharing, and learning around locally produced food.

The EGP aims to provide information and education to the community, where knowledge and skills are built around ecological food gardening, healthy eating, and food preservation.

The EGP has three main activities on the North Shore; Growing Gardens, Sharing Backyard Bounty, and building Strong Roots. The Edible Garden Project actively increases land-use for food production in the North
Shore by seeking-out unused garden space both on private and public property. The EGP also encourages people who grow gardens to plant an extra row for donation.

The fresh local produce that is produced is distributed to organizations, like the Harvest Project, who serve community members who require
it the most. The EGP also strives to create a community network around the
environmental and nutritional importance of growing, harvesting, and sharing fresh local food.


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