Edible Flowers

February 28, 2009

Edible flowers not only add beauty to the plate, they also add interesting flavours.

Nasturtiums, both the beautiful flowers and the leaves, can be added to salads to add a layer of mild pepper flavour. All edible flowers are used raw, as cooking will destroy any colour or flavour that the flower has.

Besides Nasturtiums, other flowers can be added to any uncooked dish for
flavour and colour. The list includes Rose petals, Pansy, Calendula,
Batchelor Buttons, Snapdragons, Scented Geranium flowers, Marigold
petals and the flowers from the Borage plant.

For a
savoury flavour, try using chive blossoms or the blossom from a
traditional vegetable that is about to go to seed – for example, radish
flowers or broccoli flowers. These are also used raw and can be used to
garnish a warm vegetable just before serving. Next time you have new
potatoes, try snipping some fresh chives blossoms over them while they
are steaming hot.

For a presentation that will keep the dinner conversation going, take a squash blossom or a tulip, dip them into a tempura batter and deep fry and serve while hot. Both of these blossoms can be stuffed. A tulip blossom can be stuffed with something cold, possibly a chicken salad, and presented just like that but the squash blossom can be stuffed and baked.

The possibilities are only limited by your imagination. Edible flowers are
also used to decorate sweet things – they can be sugared or just placed
on top of a cake or desert to offer a beautiful presentation. Next time
you are planning a special occasion, consider cascading flowers from
the top of your cake, down the side and then onto the plate. Your
guests will be amazed at your creativity and unique presentation!


One Response to “Edible Flowers”

  1. beth Says:

    Nice blog on edible flowers. Enjoyed going through it. Keep it up the good work.

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