Manage your Online Reputation

February 26, 2009

When faced with volatile economic consitions, many businesses, especially those on shoe-string budgets, are often uncertain how and where to best invest their marketing dollars. One can’t-miss strategy is to apply your resources to managing the reputation of your business. In today’s online marketing world, your customers want you to forge relationships with them, no try to be salespeople. Combine your search engine optomization with online public relations tactics called “online reputation management” to facilitate word of mouth, enhance media coverage and improve sales efficiency.

Here are some ways to manage your online reputation:

For you to successfully manage your online reputation, research the search results for your business and monitor social media outlets for mentions of your name, brands and key people. This means looking for both positive and negative commentary.

If you find negative commentary or reviews about you posted to the web, take the opportunity to respond and appropriately deal with the situation quickly, before it takes on a life of its own. This, of course, means utilizing and maximizing your existing web presence to help you squelch bad press.

Managing online reputations also involves discovering positive commentary and recognizing “brand evangelists.” You would do well to have a proactive reputation management and monitoring program in place, which, combined with good storytelling, strong search engine optimization and link building, will set you up for success in any economic condition — good or bad.


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