Host a Networking Event

February 26, 2009

A great way to market your business and connect with colleagues and potential customers is to host a networking evening, either at yours or a friend’s restaurant, your business site, or some related venue.  Use social networks or some other form of online or print source to get the word out.

A networking event about what?

Well, whatever it is you do best!  Use your expertise and tout your knowledge by leading a group of individuals in a seminar about what it is you do.  Invite interested participants both in yours and related industries for an evening of networking and information.  Encourage those individuals to bring one friend who is interested in your seminar topic, but unrelated to your industry (make sure you secure a large enough space to accomodate everyone!)

This exercise is excellent for building your social capital.  This concept, simplified, implies that social networking itself has value because a collection of people can affect the productivity of individuals and groups through idea sharing and connections.

If you include in your camerata related and unrelated professionals, everyone will benefit from the exercise.  You’ll be promoting your services and knowledge to not only your existing social and business base, but directly to your potential one, as well.

This works most effectively in an online environment because of the volume and convenience these platforms provide.  The size alone makes it a cost-effective and low-impact chance that everyone is in the position to take.  Gathering physically and virtually are both crucial to success.  Plant this idea amongst your friends and colleagues and and watch your seeds grow!


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