Go Local!

February 26, 2009

After a generation of being removed from our food sources, consumers now have an almost romantic infatuation with the farms that produce our fare. Vancouver especially supports a knowledgeable and savvy community of eaters of which most cities can only dream.

When dining out, we want to know everything, and really appreciate when an effort towards supporting responsible, local and secure food sources is made.

Use this, and the bounty our area offers to your advantage by going local!

Feature a menu composed entirely of locally-sourced items, and market it as an evening (or even weekend) celebrating BC’s local suppliers and their harvests.

Advertise the name, location and even a little bit about where you got your produce right on your menu. Pointing your customers (especially the tourists) right to the source makes them feel privileged and privy to a really authentic experience.

Use this promotion to get to know your local suppliers. Offer this exposure to get better deals on product and create a situation that is mutually beneficial. You’re reducing your carbon footprint, supporting a popular and worthy cause, and adding a whole new level of credibility to your establishment!

And what better place to make these connections than Industry Blender (wink, wink).


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