Employ “Cause” Marketing

February 26, 2009

We all know what impact the economy is having on our businesses, but imagine the crunch being felt by charities and non-profits.  As our dollars are being stretched to the limit, these organizations are the first to feel the pull.  But there is a potential solution which could help both your business and a worthwhile cause: contribute your services to a charitable venture.

Research a cause you would like to support (community-building, social services initiative) and offer your business services in a fund-raising or other similar capacity.  This union will allow you the possibility of sharing marketing platforms (donor lists, media contacts, etc.) with your charity to fill seats at events.  Depending on the arrangements, you may receive a set fee or a percentage of the proceeds with the rest going to the nonprofit.

The opportunity to offer additional services, obtain contact information and develop relationships is the real benefits for your business.  This venture could generate more sales for your good or service, and the non-profit benefits from increased awareness and publicity.  There may also be tax advantages as well.

The community benefits from the service you provide, the organization benefits from funds and publicity, and you benefit from increased cash flow, publicity and new business relationships.  People who rely on the charity of others for food, clothing and shelter – the basic necessities we take for granted – win through your generosity.


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