Cooks Working Giving Back

February 26, 2009

Cooks Working Giving Back
by Nathalie Carriere

Yes! Heat’s ‘outside’ and this cook’s day off, begs for a patio. So, with the husband and pretty little dog, tail wagging with joy in tow we stroll around the hood, and start driving curiosity around to find the latest of the hot, loath to state the obvious, on the patio scene.

And the winner is… the Vancouver Folk Music Festival. The only way we could steal a vacation together, with our friends, at the same time, this season, was to get all in wish, on the kitchen volunteer roster for 2008 fingers and toes crossed.

Second year, return for me, blushing. And big, quiet, but understood nod of thanks to Chef Cale, and the newish, yes post foie-Feenie BoH crew at Beyond, for holding up, requested time off, with ok.

Meanwhile, husband, and best friends end up on the hot side team (a.k.a. The Violent Vegans) with me, same scheds, manning the flat tops, and getting things done hard core… welcome to my world my loves, you rock!

For real, under the fierce protection of the experienced kitchen organizing team of Paul Friedman and Kristina Berg, Chef Anya Keefe (first year at the wheel, balls of steel baby, balls) rightfully beamed with pride watching a volunteer team of 175 loyals and noobs (very few pros in that house btw, peeps to NWCA alumni representin’), push out, and round off her cleverly conceived vegan and meat lunch and dinner creations to the tune of over 10,000 meals to Festival Volunteers and Talent, over 3 days. Now that, takes some hard kind of iron fist in velvet glove ‘just do it, this way, please and thank you’.

Aside from the incredible smoothness with which the largess of this magnificent Jerico Beach event was executed by all the volunteers, for the 31th time around, my heart melted most at the site of the contagious smile, banter, and laugh of Big BBQ Dave (who’s been ‘owning’ this private fire pit with passion for 29 years) orchestrating his sons, their friends and his beautiful daughter, on how to push out, hot of the barby salmon, at temperature, yes real cooks use thermometers underwriters and the Vancouver health board are in the room, for a 5:30 to 7:30 dinner service on Friday night ‘James Barber Style’. Held it all weekend. Tears, talk amongst yourselves.

Anyone, pitching ‘Nofuncouver’ in this field of bliss in action, this weekend, was going to get serious laugh in yo’ face.

Trying to absorb without fainting, stage-side Ozomatli, Spirit of the West, Michael Franti and Spearhead and others, by twilight, or under the stars, (pssst, there were numerous rumors of UFO sittings at the private after party last night- Kodo Town thanks for the sweet-hard jam) with your volunteer restricted area pass blowing in the breeze was, and continues to be, beyond description, seriously.

A special thank you, and ‘on it, will so hug you’ with awe the next times, to all the local talent, blessing these great outdoor stages here and all over town, let alone the main one, this time around, some, as a first. So sweet.

Hard BoH high-five to the local food vendors who took such great care of the paying customer, yeah me, can’t pass up some of that feed, with great delivery on promise. Loved it, again!

A special work to ‘dude’ who rigged the weather, I want the business card.

Visit to get the inside and out on where to be next year. Or better still throw hard money at that mad vision. It’s doing for dibs on the land, going forward to break free. Let’s show some cash, service industry-style. Look for the need meet on the site link and let’s help them make it happen.

Well-hard earned, these determined, committed people sure know how to throw a party!

Now, where were we on the other outdoor hang decision?


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