Cook Working Moon Tan

February 26, 2009

Cook Working Moon Tan
By Nathalie Carriere

Nursing a state of hypnosis from the weekend Fest-feasts, staring down a scant couple of months left on this ‘friendly heat’ and “let’s see some skin and check those tats! On only day off in weeks, walk the dog in the hood.

Bracing for mise, and showing respect to friends in the bizz with a nod, facing the logistical challenges, the Festival of Lights about to slam the core starting this Wednesday will bring to the shops, while still, secretly praying for hydro power ‘ON PLEASE’, this crawl counts on favorites to enjoy the ride.

Besides, need a sunny reliable place to hug the lap top on carefully managed time on, to send the 40 hours of Food and Flicks follow-up piece down the web pipes.

Joe Fortes (eleven to eleven) recently reopened, this notoriously beautiful and seasoned ‘see and be scene’ patio is showing all its former love-glam, and is flashing great new threads. “Come see Frenchy!”

Boneta (noon to ten) just watched the paint dry on this new little sidewalk sexy.

Absolutely love doing the crossword puzzles, savoring mad bar, kitchen and service skills while co-owner and wine guy Neil Ingram, who knows a thing or two about the craft, gets you out of a word jam.

Chow (five to ten) a gem, superb at glinting hidden sides at a seductive rate creates a wonderful back of shop fresh air hideaway. The sun-sets make dates look really, really good, Zoolander set at 11. Chef/ owner J.C. Poirier’s seasonal creations never fail to intoxicate. New menu, launched last Thursday. Next on hang list.

Le Marrakesh (five to eleven) boasts, what are arguably the most comfortable and attractive patio high chairs in town. This Moroccan jewel makes the half a block stroll east of Gassy Jack along Alexander worth the stretch. Chef/ owner Abdel Elatouabi’s oven baked in Tangine, side of lamb meatballs dancing in an aromatic tomato sauce with a sunny side up egg nesting in the middle, levitate ‘my kind of breakfast’ after five pm. At five bucks a hit. It’s crazy talk and I’m down. “Yeah, I’ll pay for that side of fresh bread, I adore this man, just bring it.”

Go Fish (noon to six-thirty) the Bins, stating the obvious? The brain that is Gordie Martin has painted every inch of that tin shack on the seawall West of Granville Isle (just keep strolling sucking on the coffee before you go to market toward Burrard Bridge ‘till you see fishing boats), to support our local ocean catchers. The food, and view ‘phat’. The ‘Brain’ asks “why, is no one picking at my herb garden… what is wrong with people?” LOVE THIS GUY, period.

Crave (nine/eleven to nine/ten) more obv… but, that little, heated, starting to wildly lick the edges of the patio, garden at the back of the main street locale, is a must see to be believed.

The Reef (eleven to midnight/eleven) new digs on Commercial between Venables and Napier. Know the one on Main, of course, say cloneish so… great.

La Casita (eleven to ten/eleven) good, affordable and honest food. Mean Margaritas on ice by the pitcher for BoH, FoH, dreamers and palates found here. 3 cute little tables with umbrellas afford a great view, without much protection, bring some change and/or ‘tude, from the crazies crawling Cordova, and the tourist dollars falling off Water blindly going up Abbot towards Hastings holding a map. Come on… let’s do turn them back gently toward Water with shakes of the head, right? Unless it’s rap night at the Lamplighter… then, they’re on their own!

Be sure to wave at the boys at Revel across the street, ‘cause they know how to take care of you ‘till 2 am. Also keep eyes on clock for off sales ‘till eleven, with some free pool and nightly drink specials at the Burbon on Cordova staying open later still. I also hear rumours of Karaoke on Wednesdays and Saturdays in that hotel up Abbot toward Hastings, East side. The booze is cheap but can you dare the room with drinking after shift cooks expressing aspirations? Throw down!

Jules (eleven to eleven) see above, with more seats, but will have to peek through the ‘buddy spare some change’ pick a version, keep it at bay hedge, to wave at your pals moving pre and after shifting through the streets. Oui avec fun the French Canadian way.

The Cambie (eleven to eleven) slappin’ it real, on the plate for breakfast in the hood ‘till 3 pm on Sat/ Sun with the weekend news *coughmics*, is a solid. Just forget service, go to the kitchen bar/cash. Get your number and someone cool will run it. Keep it clean, you might start somethin’. Use the grey buss pan in centre of patio along the wall by the door.

Heather 2 et al (soon-ish) yes a patio, new and private too. No more peeking. Every foreshadowing thought of it, makes things move. Soon please, I’m hyperventilating-dizzy anxiety spells with anticipation. But will not give up hope, will not give up hope (repeat supportive mantra).

La Luna Café (early morning ‘till six, for now) New Owners! New Attitude! Great Coffee! What the sandwich board says, yet, barista and hooked up coffee guy, Ron and loyal team, are anxious for post power outage opening redo, face time with customers again. Welcome ‘industry love’ to the hood. Water Street!

So much patio skill, so little sun left to warm down.

Like so said, anyone with ‘Nofuncouver’ on their mind, in this field of blissing it out, is going to get a serious shake up of in yo’ face, ‘cause you need a life before the rains come.

For IB, a Plus….


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