Chef Choquette at work for Voya Opening

February 26, 2009

Executive Chef Marc Andre Choquette, originally from Montreal, has now been practising his profession in Vancouver for over a decade. In those years, he has witnessed the rapidly evolving fine dining scene.

He recalls his days as the Executive Chef of Lumiere, where he saw the evolution of a local chef Rob Feenie in (1998) on his way up to the Iron Chef title in (2004).

He was also there to witness the dramatic business changes that led Feenie to where he is today.
Through the years Choquette has hired and trained many aspiring cooks. The list of talented cooks that Choquette has mentored and trained include Jeremy Bastien and JC Poirier, who have now become very popular Chefs by operating their very own respective cuisine, Boneta and Chow.

When talking about suppliers, he mentions how they have changed and adapted themselves to the specific requests of the growing population of Chefs as well as the competition.

Choquette has met various suppliers along the way and maintains great working relationships with them. However, he understands the value of seeking out the new and even smaller suppliers, as he confides that often that is how he has sourced some of the best ingredients.
For his new upcoming restaurant, Voya, Chef Choquette plan on going on a short trip around BC to discover unique suppliers such as organic farmers and orchards.
Choquette’s new restaurant Voya is much anticipated by Vancouver foodies. While there is no confirmed opening date, he is excited that the brand new restaurant will be well worth the wait.
Meanwhile, he has been working on various projects for the Kor hotel group in L.A and Miami but the main focus is to get Vancouver’s location set up and launched. The task is not an easy one to say the least as there is a lot that needs to be taken care of: kitchen plan, buying equipment, hiring staff and testing new menu recipes. You can likely find Choquette in the kitchen with his Sous Chef, Tret Jordan (previously from Elixir Restaurant in Yaletown), trying out new menu ideas and flavours.

Choquette’s has provided a Mushroom recipe.

A short video of Choquette cooking up.

Some of Choquette’s favorite suppliers are:

-Ponderosa Mushroom’s
-Market Wise Fine Food
-Finest at Sea




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