Build an Online Presence

February 26, 2009

If you’re a restaurant or supplier, chances are you have a few tech-savvy employees who are quite versed in the ways of the world wide web.  These individuals are online a lot, participate in social networking and probably do a lot of shopping and other business on the internet.

They understand how important the internet is in their daily lives, so they’re perfect for spreading the word about your business to the whole world in cyberspace.

Pay your employee or employees to spend a few hours a week managing your online affairs, including frequently updating your website, joining online business communities and creating and joining groups on their social networking channels.

The idea of getting paid to do what they do everyday will really get them excited, and they’ll feel like they play a very important role in the business.  This PR and exposure is money well spent.  It’s the best and most inexpensive way to market yourself, and will prove to be a crucial component of future business success into the 21st century.


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