40 Hours of Food and Flicks

February 26, 2009

40 Hours of Food and Flicks
A Culinary Marathon with Rogue Chef Todd Baiden and Cine Friends
By Nathalie Carriere
Cooks by nature are an insular brood. They work weird hours, hang with their own, and/ or significant others. Pinch their pennies to finance their dreams. Prefer dark places, and tend to avoid, by proxy, the society and culture they feed.
Not this guy….
Starting Friday, July 11 at 8 pm until Sunday, July 13th at noon, Rogue Chef Todd Baiden of 12B, deliciously located, somewhere in the down town east side, will stand at his makeshift kitchen/ pass, built along side a film-art installation at the grace-gallery, to tackle a 40 hours straight up, alone, 20 seats every 2 hours turn-over dance, to prove a point.
IB: Ok, this guy plays by his own rules, probably hates City Hall, any Government and every ‘look but don’t touch’ group alive.
RCT: “This is an open call to all the ‘restauranteurs’ in Vancouver to have the balls to hire a couple more staff, (their paying the god dam inflated rents anyway) and present this city with eatable food, 24 hours a day. If I can cook, by myself, for 40 hours straight, somebody, somewhere, stay open please, and soon.”
IB: Well perhaps, Chef Todd, this is a zoning question, a noise complaint issue, ‘we all sleep at night so all of you all be quiet’… what of that?
RCT: “Fine, bring it. Open up the damn discussion. But, what of the most of us feeding this shit, and cleaning up after it. Going broke/ blind with crazy talk leases neck-on-the-line, showing these people a good time? Where do we go when the lights go out, where do we eat, where do we go to unwind? Don’t mention the Naam I swear you will not live through the argument.”
Grace-gallery curator Rachel Zottenberg, recently beheld Chef Todd’s intents during a recent art/food collaboration project entitled Brief Encounters, and requested a ‘let’s do it’ session for the gallery.
RCT: “First of all, the indi film makers in this town, matter. Rachel wanted to move toward audio/ visual installations, rebuild her gallery to reflect an awareness of media as art, reno, rad, and all. And I thought, hey let’s feed them too, nothing more real, than dinner and a movie.” 40 Hours (a play on time) of Food and Flicks (his reactive name for the project) became a go.
Featured, will be the cinematic works of Bienvenido Cruz, Jamie Travis, AJ Bond, Jesse Savath and up and growing Emma Campbell.
You can buy it, take it home, and hang it- installation by film maker/ photographer Matthew Walker Timmons, will round out this multi-media project.
RCT: “As far as I know, we are all sold out for the sit-down 3 course tasting menu thing. Call the gallery to make sure. But, do show up to just catch a flick, and breathe in the air. Matt [Timmons], has taken pictures of my private dinners, interpreted their social significance, and is mounting them on serving platters and plates. The framing is totally different… got the stuff at Ming Wo’s and shit. Some are wood, it’s totally sweet. We will have a separate bar thing set-up. Come down, buy a drink and hang out.”
IB Says: Booking a 10 am two top (perhaps more if we can get committed and curious peeps out of bed) on Sunday, July 13th to witness the last two hours of Chef’s Todd’s 40 hour intent. Follow up for certain.


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